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I'm Harel R. Lawrence, author of Take a Closer Look: A Spiritual Journey into the Soul and Skye's High Fly'n Adventures.

A Christian Author and poet Harel R. Lawrence invites readers along with him on a spiritual journey. His first book, Take a Closer Look: A Spiritual Journey into the Soul is a poetic examination of faith, love and spirituality that opens readers' eyes.

His recent release, Skye's High Fly'n Adventures is great for children who loves animals and enjoys a story with vivid illustrations.

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Harel R. Lawrence

About my latest book, Skye's High Fly'n Adventures

Skyes High Flyn Adventures COVER

Excerpt from press release

"This book is great for children who loves animals and enjoys a story with vivid illustrations.  At the end of the book it has review questions with the answers.  This is an enjoyable book to read to children and shares some valuable life lessons about  obedience, etc.  It is a book that has a Christian theme to the plot."

The book is told through the eyes of a baby eagle and his family will capture the imagination and inspire the epic tale of Skye's high flying adventures. In this illustrated story, Skye learns to fly, receives his name from the Great Creator of the sky, and discover the meaning of his name. When Skye's family leaves the nest and goes searching for food Skye is left alone, he hears a voice calling his name and he learns to fly. Skye shares his epic story with his family and tells all about his adventures learning to fly and the voice that spoke to him and gave him his name. Skye learns to obey his parents and to listen to the voice of the Great Creator of the sky. So, join Skye and his family on an imaginary journey that will take you high above the skies on an exciting adventure.

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Come with Lawrence and Take a Closer Look at what the world and its creator has to offer!

eagleflyingExcerpt from press release

"Experience a Spiritual journey that will entice, enlighten, and bring you a Video Book Trailer closer look. A journey that will take you places where eagles fly, the mountains will speak to you, the horses are free to run wild, trees that can feel the pain we endure, a river where your reflection shines, and a path that will take you in different places. A journey that you could hear a whisper of a child's voice reaching out to you..."

About my book, Take a Closer Look: A Spiritual Journey into the Soul

Take a Closer Look contains inspirational and encouraging thoughts for readers of all ages. Lawrence prose poems that percolate with spirituality and love. After each poem, he offers brief interpretations of each poem to help guide readers in their understanding. For example, his poem "Smiles That Come Forth" shows readers the light within and the ways they can share it with the world.

These thoughts are not your ordinary poems, but rather they are prose poems, which gives the thoughts they contain a more meaningful presentation. These thoughts will make a wonderful collection for anyone who is searching for the right path, for love in our difficult age. My hope is that each reader will find their own meaning in these poems to help and guide them. May the glory of God touch each person's heart and bring you as much enjoyment as I experienced when writing these thoughts.

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